So for the last month I have been rotating in Toledo, Ohio doing an NICU rotation. This was my first time spending any time in the midwest which, as you can imagine, is quite different than California or New York. Toledo is one of the cities in the midwest that was once great and grand but fell post-industrial revolution. It is slowly recovering, but there are remnants of some pretty amazing architecture all around – you just have to avoid the sketchy neighborhoods. I took the fancy camera out during a run in one of the Wilderness Metroparks and on a walk around my neighborhood. Just wanted to share a snapshot of the beauty of Ohio.


Kenya: Giraffes, Elephants, and a Recap

Hey There!

So I returned from Kenya about a month ago and since then it has been a “hit the ground running” situation. Life went back to its typical warp speed and I have been traveling around like crazy. I finally got back around to sorting through my pictures from Africa and wanted to post some of the ones I didn’t get a chance to post. Also, on my last day in Africa I spent the day in Nairobi visiting the Elephant orphanage and the Giraffe center where I got to touch and kiss the most adorable baby elephants and giraffes. It was so much fun!!! I took only like a thousand pictures of elephants and giraffes, so I will try not to bore you with all of them, but I can’t help but include many!

Kenya was such a great trip for me. It was incredibly hard at first, but as I would have expected, as soon as I was on the Pediatric ward I was completely in my element. It was challenging as my last day in the hospital was quite somber as many of our sick patients passed away, causing me to leave Tenwek with a heavy heart. But God always has bigger things in mind. The trip was a great chance to see options for what I can do and to allow me to take on responsibility and try on what it feels like to be the “in-charge” physician. Plus, I have lots of great stories to use in my interviews now about cool things I am doing in this world. I will continue to pray for Tenwek and the people still there. I am not sure what God has in store, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself back there one day.




So the interview trail has begun!

I have been extraordinarily blessed in being offered more interviews than I can realistically attend. I am now 3 interviews in and feeling like quite the jet-setter. I am writing this from the Jacksonville airport as we speak. I flew down after work, rented a car, and stayed in the downtown hotel. Now I’m catching the red-eye back to Ohio. I feel like a true Paulson.

Things are going quite well. I have full confidence that some magical program will stick out as a true winner and hope to match in my top choices. We could end up anywhere based on the scope of which I am interviewing, but that is half the fun. Keep praying for sanity during this CRAZY season.

Just under two weeks and my rotation in Ohio will end and Tyler will fly back and we can drive home together. I do miss home very much. And my husband – who is likely starving to death without his master live-in chef.