Moving Forward

I suppose we should post an official update of where we are headed next.

For those who are not aware, I am beginning medical school in August. After what was a long and draining decision process, we decided that the best place for me was at St. George’s University in Grenada. Meaning, we are moving to the Caribbean first thing in August. I will be starting a M.D. program that should give me unique international opportunities as part of my education. We had been hoping for some time that schooling would take us first to England, but as finances just simply would not come together, we realized that simply was not possible. However, we firmly believe that God has something for us in Greneda and there must be some reason that He has called us there for the next 2 years.

So, now we are on to the difficult task of making an international move. Getting together all of our stuff, preparing for school, packing – it is all quite overwhelming. We just got settled into our new place and we are certainly sad that in about a month we will be undoing all of the decorating and trying to fit everything we own into two fifty-pound suitcases each.

I think if there was anything we feel we need in this time it would be prayer. I probably say this more for myself as I am on the verge of freaking out. While I have been working towards this schooling opportunity for practically forever, it is daunting to actually begin. And currently I am going through a run-around trying to figure out what exactly I need to do before I leave and attempting to update my academic records with my new name…which seems to be impossible. I know I personally am getting frustrated with not being able to contact those that I need to speak with and just not getting answers to my many, many questions. With an international campus and a NY admissions office, there just isn’t much I can do but send emails and try to call offices in hopes that someone will be there to answer my call. Tyler seems to be most focused on getting his first taste of the Grenedian national dish, oil down (pronounced eel-dung).

We are very excited. Nervous- but excited. This is certainly one adventure we cannot wait to begin and we hope that God will use us in it.