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Wedding Photo

Photo Credit: Leif Brandt


What do you get when a dorky graphic designer and a nerdy medical student fall in love? Well, us.

In a crazy turn of events that only God could orchestrate we met, dated, fell in love, and got married in 14 months. We got married two weeks after Tyler graduated from Art Center College of Design and two months later we moved to the West Indian island of Grenada where Stefanie attended St. George’s University.

Since then, life has brought us to the borough of Brooklyn in New York City. Tyler is working as the Technology Coordinator at iEARN-USA in Manhattan and Stefanie is rotating around the region’s hospitals.

Our heart and passion lie in being the hands and feet of Jesus and we hope to view life as an adventure and live with whimsical hearts in hopes of being a part of extraordinary things. This seems to be taking us all over the world and with any luck, we’ll make a lasting impact along the way. So please, come and journey and laugh with us as we figure out life together.


Elsewhere on the internet, you can see Tyler’s design work on his portfolio and starting soon Stefanie will be moving the recipes on this site to a cooking blog entitled Those Green Oranges.

You can email us at his[at]stefanieandtyler.com and hers[at]stefanieandtyler.com.

We love to receive mail by post, but since we don’t have a post office box anymore, we don’t publish our address online. Just send us an email and we’ll be happy to give it to you!