Uprooting Again

Nearly 2 years ago Tyler and I uprooted our lives – leaving behind family, friends, all things familiar – and packed it into some large suitcases and travelled 3000 miles to a tiny island. But we made this our home. Our funny, goofy, Caribbean home. And while it has been challenging and generating that same familiar community was tougher than expected, we grew to love this place. After all, it was our first real home together. We have lived here while married longer than anywhere else so far. And it will likely remain on top for a while considering how much like tumbleweeds we are.

But it has come time to do it again. The same stuff has been repacked into the same large suitcases and more planes are to be boarded. This time taking us to an entirely different coast, to different climates and environments for a whole new adventure. Uprooting our lives to replant again as East Coast dwellers. To experience our first full-blown winter, 4 distinct seasons, city living, subways and likely impossibly tiny apartments.

We are moving into a summer sublet in Brooklyn for now. Hopefully we will simply move apartments and not cities once we get my hospital placements, but anything is possible. And you know what, there is a part of me that loves that unknown. That loves the planning and dreaming that comes from being able to go anywhere. Being unattached and the world full of possibilities.

So for now we pray for smooth transitions. We pray that we will love our new home, that I will love the snow in April next year as much as I do now. We pray that this new adventure will challenge us, grow us, and make us even happier.

Yay to new beginnings and new horizons!!



Last Day

Thursday was my last day of classes – forever!

Medical school is not over, but the classroom part is done. The lectures and classes and finals are over. Now it is time for the fun stuff. Hospital rotations, patient care, learning by doing. Sure feels like medical school just started. I am 2 exams away from being 1/2 of a doctor! Now to push through one more tough week before a brief vacation and a hardcore summer full or preparing for the most important exam ever. No pressure, right?

Here are some pictures of my class (most of us) from our end of term mini celebration.

Class panorama

Whole Class from above


Two Years

Wedding Day

Two years ago today the greatest adventure of my life started.

An adventure full of joy and happiness, trials and disappointments, and more fun and laughs than any two people could share.

I married a man who laughs off fights, wipes away tears, puts me first above every responsibility no matter the sacrifice. He also is the man who will lazily lounge around on the couch with me all day, eat copious amounts of cheese-dip shamelessly late at night, and make any fun night-out unforgettable.

Tyler, I love you more than you will ever know and I thank the Lord everyday for making you so perfectly for me. Happy 2-years, I am looking forward to MANY more!

First Look