A Few NY Updates

Well, we officially live  in BROOKLYN! We no longer live on a tiny postage stamp island in the middle of the Caribbean, but smack in the middle of millions of people and everything you could ever want ever. Except for whole foods which is way in Manhattan – but oh well.

We are so excited! Being here is just great! We have already found way too many awesome restaurants, got lost on the subway and trapped by track construction, found amazing margaritas and mexican food, and I found some decent coffee within walking distance of where we are living.

Getting settled was a bit of a mess. The keys that were supposed to be mailed to Tyler’s grandfather’s house didn’t show up so we had to have new ones overnighted. That of course was massively delayed in part due to Memorial day and in part of FedEx being lame. Poor Ty didn’t end up in NY much earlier than me which kinda ruined the plan where he would get some things set up for us, go grocery shopping, etc.

But, we are here now. And unpacked. And sadly I need to resume my hermit-like studying and really buckle down because I have a LOT to go through between now and July 12th. A LOT!

Pictures of our NY life to come – but don’t get your hopes too high while I am still studying.

Oh, and lets all pester Tyler to get on changing that location map. We promise it will be updated soon. Just as soon as my nagging wears him down.  😉