2014 is Here

Well, the New Year is here and I have almost made the habit of writing the date at 2014. Still feels weird though.

Even though the New Year crept in unsuspectingly at the Paulson home (we may have been in bed by 10), it carries all of the same feelings of new beginnings as anyone else. We have evaluated 2013. Made goals for 2014: eat healthier (detox from the holidays), be more active, more time with friends and God. We are staring into a long 257 day trip through the rest of this year year head on.

In many ways this year is likely to be one of the hardest of my life. I know this. Between tacking the 3 hardest rotations (OBGYN, Surgery, and Internal Medicine), taking both parts of my USMLE Step 2 exam, plus applying to and starting to interview for Residency. Its a LOT for one year. It will be great come the end when my work load lightens up and I have time to breath, go out, etc. But it seems daunting right now. To say I need a lot of strength and guidance would be an understatement.

And Tyler is no less busy with all the work he does with his company, the ministry work he is involved in, plus being the most supportive husband ever and always putting me first even when he doesn’t need to.

We are excited for the future which is coming. But know that it will take a strength far greater than ourselves to conquer. After 2 weeks of vacation at home and trying our best to relax (we failed) we are playing a “ready or not, here it comes” with life.

Among the list of things for 2014, we are hoping the blog will finally get its makeover which should make posting more easier. We really do regret to be so sporadic. Much of what I do day-to-day is a bit hard to write about with HIPPA and all that. Plus we just get so busy. Following myself on Instagram is likely the best way to stay up-to-date with more day-to-day things. But we promise to work harder at sharing our adventures. There are so many to share. 🙂