Getting Ready to Leave

Its been 2 solid weeks of tramping, exploring, driving and sailing our way around New Zealand. This country is one of the most unbelievable places either of us have ever been. 

Today we head off to Australia for a little time down under before sadly heading home. 

Just a few more photos – just some iPhone pics for the interim time as I weed through a few thousand on the SLR. 


Today I hiked the most amazing sub-alpine terrain with beautiful sunny skies, crossed waterfalls and flowing rivers, ran up a peak to eat lunch in the pouring rain staring over a valley, hiked up snow and ice covered volcanic rocks, and took a nice sand dune walk along the beach. New Zealand – you have my heart.


The End of a Season

Today marks a day to end an era. Today I walked out of the hospital as a medical student for the last time. Today, medical school ended.

I have matched into the most amazing Pediatric Residency in Danville, PA and have graduated medical school. I am officially Dr. Stefanie Paulson, MD – it feels so strange and so utterly exciting.