Our Summer Canadian Road Trip

This summer to celebrate the end of my Step 1 studying, as a belated Part 2 to our anniversary, and a fun summer getaway – Tyler and I road-tripped from NYC to Quebec City to Montreal and back.

We hit Quebec first, a very french part of Canada. We stayed at the most charming B&B on a lake and enjoyed slow mornings, french food, hiking, and exploring the most beautiful city I have ever seen in all of North America. We fell in love with the city and were in awe of how beautiful it was. The city was immaculately maintained and the buildings were stupendous.

After 3 days there, we went to Montreal to enjoy some city life. We stayed at a B&B closer to the more happening parts of the city. We got to hit an art museum, travel into downtown, and we even got to watch the USA’s entry in a fireworks competition. Honestly, we spent a ton of time relaxing and just slowing down. Life was a tad busy for us. And since we love driving so much, coursing through upstate NY, Vermont, New Hampshire and the country roads of Canada was so relaxing. And we saw so many adorable little towns and homes and old churches.

We enjoyed Quebec City more since Montreal was a little too much like NYC for a vacation, so we have definitely added it to our list to go back to. Maybe in the winter when the scenery is white and crisp.

I will keep the words short and sweet and let the pictures do most of the talking!