A New Furry Baby

We brought home our sweet, sweet puppy today. Seriously the cutest little thing ever! His name is Sampson and his current favorite activities are sleeping and lying on mommies feet. We are so excited for this new little family addition!!






Adventures in the new house: Day 1

We arrived to the house late last night with a car full of random odds and ends that the movers didn’t pack or couldn’t fit for some odd reason or another and our blow up mattress. Feels only fitting to spend our first night in our massive master bedroom sleeping on our tiny blow up bed. 

And you know what – we couldn’t sleep! We both slept terribly. And you know what we decided it was from (aside from the air mattress factor) – it was too quiet!! No noise, no faint sound of traffic, no honking cars, no rattle of the subway. Our apartment was fairly quiet, but still there was noise. Now, it is as silent as anything I have ever experienced. It’s like the large empty house is a sound vacuum. 

Today, we have boxes and boxes everywhere and I have no idea where to put anything. And the paint still sucks – gotta get on that.