And So It Begins

For most people, not too much changes in a 3 month period of time. We are not most people. For us, we can go from a first date to deciding to get married. We can traverse over 7 countries and 3 states between the two of us. We can also celebrate a graduation, get married, move to the West Indies and start medical school.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just a few weeks ago we got married and while it was this joyous celebration of love and commitment, it was the beginning of a journey. If there is one thing that we both know we must do in this life it would be to experience as much in this world as we can and go as many places as God would have us go.

And this will be our way of sharing where our adventure takes us. We figure over the next several years we should find ourselves in many cities of many countries on many continents, in many trials, in many unbelievable moments, and with many stories to share. So come adventure with us – if you even know us a little bit you know that this is sure to be one hilarious journey.