May I Offer You Some Boxed Milk

Buying food in Grenada is the single most interesting experience that we have on a regular basis. I don’t think I ever ran into a time in California when the store didn’t have any milk or was completely out of all kinds of cheese or pasta, etc. At most maybe you bought a different brand.

However in Grenada, they do not stock the stores very often. And on top of that, they usually don’t restock certain goods for what seems to be weeks at a time. It just takes a long time to get things here. So we do our best to buy locally made goods and to buy produce and whatever else we can from little market stands. But that only goes so far. We have realized that buying regular milk from the store is no simple thing. We did good the first time, but we had to buy the pricey organic kind. The last few times, we have been forced into boxed milk. We got British milk the first time and this time we are drinking Dutch milk. Tyler and I are both familiar with this “long-life” milk but it is still so odd. Although, we keep it in the fridge instead of drinking it at room temperature because that is just too much.

Another little observation we have made is that, due to Grenada’s affiliation with the Commonwealth I presume, the imported goods from the UK and other parts of Europe are often cheaper than imported American goods. So we very quickly have developed a little international breakfast spread as we eat our British and Belgian cereals with our Dutch milk accompanied by a Grenadian banana and some French iced soy cappuccino. And that’s another thing, no good coffee here. They just don’t import beans. Still not sure how I will survive, I guess my french store-bought beverage will have to do.

Oh life in Grenada, you’re funny.


    • I think that and a French press will be on our list for you 🙂

  1. I’m sorry sweetheart but soy and cappuccino DO NOT belong in the same sentence. Just does not work.

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