End of Term 1 and Our Return to America

Term 1 MaterialThis is a picture I took of everything I learned in the past 18 week of school. 18 week! I took all of the textbooks (leaving out the couple I never opened) plus all of my lecture notes plus any additional notes I took or made and – Voila! It is hard to believe that I actually went through that much material. I cannot believe I studied all of that – even if you just take everything that was paper (which I read over many, MANY times) – that is a lot of stuff to learn in one semester. People must think Doctors should know a lot or something. And I hope the post-its you can see in the pages of the texts prove they were well read and used. As I told Tyler, if anyone doesn’t understand why I was so MIA, this should make it clear.

But the massive pile of textbook and notes (that I have no idea where to store now) aside, this term was a lot of work. It was a lot of work, but flew by. And I am, in the end, really happy with how it went. I did extremely well on all of my final exams, including my clinical skills exam, and I feel like I really have gotten back into the swing of school and am loving it.

On a different note, after a week of cleaning the apartment and enjoying a little of the caribbean sun – we boarded a plane on Saturday and flew back to California. So far it feel big, cold, and a little weird. But at the same time, it is so good to be at home. The food and beer is so much better! Plus it has been nice to see Tyler’s family these few days, and we will see mine later this week.

As we took off, I took some sweet shots of Grenada. We were on the wrong side of the plane to get a view of the whole island from above, so these are just of the south side near the airport. It sure looks its small size as soon as you leave the ground.

Just look at those reefs and that water!Bye Bye Grenada