Shark Sliders

So this recipe post is way overdue, but I wanted to write about it because they were so tasty. One day when Tyler went to the fish market downtown he found shark for so cheap. So when he came home, he handed me a bag full of a pound of little shark meat pieces. I was a little unsure how one goes about cooking shark, but then I decided that nothing could be better than making it into little burgers.

What You Need:

little rolls
Italian dressing
hot sauce
lime juice

I marinated the shark pieces in the Italian dressing with a little extra black pepper for about 30 minutes or so. While it was marinating, I mixed together some mayo, ketchup, lime juice and hot sauce to form a little sauce for the buns. I cooked the shark in a hot skillet on the stove until done and flaky. I added the extra marinade to the pan to keep it nice and moist. Onto warmed rolls I spread the sauce and added a couple shark pieces and lettuce.

It was simply delicious. And the best part, took practically no time and no effort. We liked it so much we are hoping we might find more shark soon. And at only 5ec a pound, it was a steal.