The Crazy Americans at the Airport

So I have so many good pictures and stories to tell of our trip to Trinidad, which I promise to get on the blog soon – but this story is just too good to not tell now.

So Tyler and I really did plan out our trip to Trinidad. We checked with my friend Kelsie to be sure that we were still clear to stay with her and her family, we emailed our flight itinerary, etc. We had it planned. I got Kelsie’s Trinidadian number from her before she left Grenada since obviously her Grenadian cell number would not work. All great.

Now fast forward to us going through customs. Standing in line I check my phone to realize the text I sent Kelsie before boarding the plane was responded to with a wrong number text – so we don’t have a contact number. We talk to the lady at immigration and she asks us the address of where we are staying – all we have is the city (they don’t care in Grenada so we didn’t think about it). They ask us if we have a contact number for our friend, of course we just found out we don’t. Then she asks us if we have a return ticket – so we show her the post-it we wrote the information on since we don’t have a printer. Basically, we are the two shadiest people trying to enter the country.

Needless to say, they wouldn’t let us through a for a bit and we were totally stuck in the airport unable to enter the country and unable to leave. They decide to page Kelsie (like that will work in a huge airport when she is waiting outside in a car) and fortunately when we didn’t emerge from the airport (the plane only have maybe 40 seats and only 20 passengers) she called us. Finally with a number and a name they gave us our entry visa. Kelsie still had to vouch for us at the arrival gate to say that we were indeed her friends.

Guess we were just the crazy shady Americans trying to sneak our way into the country. Makes it even more bizarre that after all of that instead of writing our visa through our departure date, they gave us the full 90 days.