Why is it so hot?

Tyler and I were hanging in theĀ apartmentĀ the other day and I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he placed his hand on my back and then pulled his arm away. It was because my back was literally wet with sweat. Then the other day Tyler and I were sitting at the kitchen table and we both were noticing seat literally running down us. I ended up switching into a sports top to wear less fabric while I was cooking and change before we left to meet our friends later that day. What do these stories say – it is HOT!

In Grenada, we need the rain. When the rain leaves it just gets hot. I mean we now are in the warmer months where the heat index rises, but we are supposed to get rain to cool us off. But not lately. It seemed there for a bit it was raining all the time, but now not so much. I mean it feels odd to watering my potted plants almost daily because the sky isn’t helping me out at all. But on the plus side, they are growing like weeds. The mint plant has sprouted two babies and the basil plant is as strong and tall as ever. We will be drinking summer mojitos in no time!

Anyways, thats my little blurb for the day. Ta Ta.


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  1. I feel you. We always complain about the wind in Simi Valley but when it doesn’t blow, even just a little, it’s hot. Nasty hot. Almost like we live in So Cal or something. Lol Hoping your rain returns soon and that you can get some relief.

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