The not-so Silver Lining

There are moments when living here just gets so frustrating.

When I am studying and trying desperately to load some Wikipedia pages and the school’s internet just won’t do it.

When the car decides to not shift in reverse and I am trapped on campus waiting 30 minutes for a bus when all I wanted to do was go home and collapse.

When that mosquito will not stop buzzing in my ear and I can’t for the life of me seem to catch it.

The sound of the tape that is kinda-sorta covering the holes chewed by the mouse in our window screens flapping in the wind reminding me that after 2 months, they are still not fixed. Although they said they came and measured, so I guess that is good.

When the toilet wont flush because the tank doesn’t refill for some odd reason. Or the shower has no water pressure.

When it is so hot outside and so cold inside that I just want to place duct tape over all the airconditioning vents in the room so I can sit comfortably.

Sometimes I want to count down until May 30th and I feel like then I won’t have to deal with this kind of stuff anymore. We try so hard not to complain about here, we do. We want to make the best of the situation and remember we live in the Caribbean and paradise and all that. But sometimes I just want water pressure, and intact window screens, and an absence of mosquitos and internet that can load a webpage.

Tyler always says everyone awe’s over the beautiful picture of the African landscape but the reality is is smells like garbage. These little things, they are the garbage smell to our Caribbean life.

Pray for our patience and our car, our poor, poor car.

Update: The window screens were fixed, but the repair man shattered the window so now we need new glass (um, how does that even happen…good question) and the car’s transmission needs replaced. No Bueno.

Update 2: Tyler had the transmission fluid drained and the filter replaced on Friday and after a day passed, it started working properly again. Please keep praying!