Our Uncertain Future

So I probably should have written this post a few weeks back, but we have officially sent in ourĀ preferenceĀ form for clinical locations. I am expected to start sometime around mid-August (provided we get the location we desire at least). That should give me about 1 month off as a “break” after studying for board exams. Hopefully we can make time for some good R&R before packing up and moving to where-ever we are headed.

We should find out in late July where we have been placed. We have selected New York area as our number one choice and are really hoping to get placed at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. The neighborhood, the hospital, the location – it is all perfect for us. Nothing is certain, but for now we will keep praying that we get placed in our first pick! And you should pray too! Everything lies in the hands of the placement coordinators. We are so excited and have each shamelessly spent a few too many hours googling all the cool things around our potential new home.

Fingers crossed! Did I mention things are sure getting real super fast? Only 54 more days and this term is over! Although, I must say I am SO looking forward to vacation.