Our Summer – In Review

I know, I know. We have been way too MIA. But I promise we are alive. Busy, but alive. And I am vowing to break this blog silence and resume more regular posting now that we are FINALLY starting to settle into our new routine around here.

Since so much happened this summer, I am just going to give some brief recaps of the highlights just to catch everyone up.


This month was literally a blur. Between the stress of studying for my USMLE, getting used to being in Brooklyn, we were totally spent. We found ourselves so exhausted from all of the moving that each day was a struggle to get things done. This was probably felt hardest by Tyler who found himself more behind in work that he would have wanted.


I took my exam on the 12th and after it was over, it was so great to finally breathe. We went our to celebrate that night at the coolest restaurant ever, the Bookstore, in Bethlehem PA. I found out later that I did quite well on my exam too, which has made me ever more confident and happy about this next part of medical school. Mid July we spent in Canada exploring Quebec City and Montreal. I will write more about that and give lots of pictures in another post. When we got back, is was full-force apartment hunting which was a stressful experience all in itself that we are hoping to avoid ever doing again in NYC.


The majority of this month has been spent moving in. Not owning anything has made this process painfully slow. Plus we are both busy and way exhausted from life. It is finally now mostly together. We love our apartment very much and think it is perfect for us, but owning nothing was a bit of a struggle. A virtual tour and lots of pictures will come soon, once we finally finish the last touches.

I also started my first rotation of 3rd year August 20th. It has been great and scary and fast. I am lucky because I started family medicine and it has not been too intense, but there is a lot to do and we are still both getting our routine down. But, I love it. That much I am sure of.


We are finally starting to feel at home in the new apartment, new neighborhood and with our new schedules. Me working at the hospital and Tyler working in his new co-working space. It is a new and exciting adventure and we hope to see and do a lot. We visited a bunch of Tyler’s family over the last few weeks so it is nice to know that we will be home for a while now so we can really settle in and explore NYC.


BTW – this is our 100th post! Hard to believe we have had 100 interesting stories thus far.  🙂