Rotation Updates

I know, I know – updates are WAY too infrequent. Year 3 is the busiest and most challenging year of medical school in many ways and living in NY not only keeps us extra busy, but provides us with lots of other fun things to do to fill our time as well. I promise I am hoping to get it together soon tho!

The year has flown by and I am already over half-way into my second clinical rotation. First I did Family Medicine which was likely the most low key of all of the rotations. On one hand it was nice to get to ease into things. On the other, after all of the studying I was a little anxious to get super hands-on. However, it was a good rotation. I like the hospital I am placed in and the doctors are all super invested in teaching and that is great. It was nice to get the basic lay of the land of patient care and learning how to balance having “my own patients.”

I am currently completing my Psychiatry rotation at a hospital in Manhattan. This rotation has proved to be quite a few more hours a week as we round quite late into the day. And the commute from Sunset Park to Lower East Side is not my friend most days. However, the rotation has been great. I have had so much direct interaction with attending doctors which is unique and I feel like I have learned a ton. This is a specialty that I find immensely fascinating even though I am not sure if it is really for me. I have seen so many cases and I feel like everyday I get more comfortable with what I am doing. And bonus, I have some GREAT stories!

Tyler has been busy busy at work as usual. Tyler is working out of a co-working studio up in South Slope about 10 minutes from our apartment. He loves it. He just recently moved into a private corner office he shares with another guy and this gives him 24 hour access to the office which I think he really likes. The separation of work and home I think has really been beneficial for us both. And typical Tyler, he is always deep into new and exciting project for work. He is one dedicated and busy boy.

We have been living up fall over here. The lows in the night are starting to be about the lowest it ever gets in Cali in a typical winter so we are sure in for some dramatic weather changes before long. So far though, we love every minute of it! The cold weather is currently in the refreshing stage and during the day it is usually sunny which is so beautiful. We have tried to take in the season to the full by going pumpkin picking a couple weeks ago in Jersey and this past weekend we took a fall foliage road trip. More on that and LOTS of pictures to come of beautiful, colorful, fiery trees.

Oh, and one last thing. My good friend is pseudo-living with us for a little while right now. She just moved to NY and is crashing in our office/guest bedroom. It’s tight quarters at times as it is still a tiny NY apartment, but it has been quite fun. It has been fun to catch up and have someone else to talk to if Tyler is working or someone to take my side in silly debates about life. HAHA.

That about sums it up for us. And for those that are more curious of our daily going-on, I highly recommend our Instagram feeds while we work on updating our blog to allow from-phone photo posts!