Kenya: So Why Are You Here?

This question is one we pose to all patients whenever we see them, why are you here? It’s the most essential part of caring for them. Well, being in a missions hospital means some of the stories are a bit exotic. I have collected some of my favorites below. Most of these a local would never have thought twice about. This why I love getting to practice medicine in as many settings as possible.

1) 45 year old woman went down to get some water when she was attacked by a hippopotamus. Fortunately, she was able to run away but, along the way, she tripped and sustained a severe wrist fracture.

2) 12 year old boy who drank some Tink (a poisonous substance used to wash udders of cows) who passed out and was attached by a couple hyenas, presents with apnea and bite wounds.

3) 52 year old woman who was tending to the cows when she was head-butted by one and broke her hip.