So the interview trail has begun!

I have been extraordinarily blessed in being offered more interviews than I can realistically attend. I am now 3 interviews in and feeling like quite the jet-setter. I am writing this from the Jacksonville airport as we speak. I flew down after work, rented a car, and stayed in the downtown hotel. Now I’m catching the red-eye back to Ohio. I feel like a true Paulson.

Things are going quite well. I have full confidence that some magical program will stick out as a true winner and hope to match in my top choices. We could end up anywhere based on the scope of which I am interviewing, but that is half the fun. Keep praying for sanity during this CRAZY season.

Just under two weeks and my rotation in Ohio will end and Tyler will fly back and we can drive home together. I do miss home very much. And my husband – who is likely starving to death without his master live-in chef.