A Vignette of Grenadian Life

Last night Tyler and I were walking back from campus late at night from studying/working. We decided that we would stop at one of the food shacks just off-campus and get a beer. We gave the guy 5EC for a cold beer and kept walking home (no open bottle policies in Grenada). We enjoyed our cold beer as we walked down streets watching the street lights get brighter and dimmer with the constant power surges. We walk around the corner to see a random cow eating some weeds. We are pretty sure said cow escaped from the veterinary school. We are not sure how this was possible. We stare at the cow and drink some more of our beer. We keep walking and walk past Bananas, the most hip and happening restaurant of Grenada. The random mid-week night parties are in full swing and we are perplexed who all these people are (no way these are med students). Eventually we get home to our little apartment only to hear the sound of the loitering Grenadians next door watching TV. This makes us wonder why our cable box still doesn’t work, but we just ignore that fact and call it a night.

Oh Grenada, living here is so strange.