An Ode to Hot Water

Sometimes I remember fondly the days where running hot water and I used to hang out. We would laugh together, play together, even dance through fields filled with wild flowers. Okay, maybe that last one is just silly. But hot water and I were always fond of one another. Hot water made getting up early in the morning easier by greeting me in the shower. Hot water helped to soothe my sore muscles after a long day. Hot water was even there to help me while I cleaned my kitchen.

But here in Grenada, oh me and hot water are no more. Well, not that I have given up on hot water, but hot water has given up on me. There just isn’t any. I miss good ol’ America and our running hot water.

Our kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet do not have hot water. In fact, I actually have not been in any public space that actually has hot water.  If I need to wash dirty dishes I have to boil water on the stove first. And our shower, well, it is pretty unreliable. Sometimes you might be able to get a descent warm shower going. But I find that warm water is at the expense of water pressure so you can shower under a warm trickle of water, or a freezing cold waterfall. Needless to say, my 6am wake-up time does not go well with this.

Sigh. Life in Grenada.

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  1. Oh my! Can’t imagine you taking cold showers! You’re the girl that definitely needs to take stock in tankless water heaters. You can deplete a 40 gallon tank in the blink of an eye.  Altho, I would imagine this has quickened your ability to get ready to go somewhere. I feel for you tho cause I know that cold showers are a bummer and no water pressure is worse. How does one get the conditioner out of your hair? 😉 My thoughts are with you.

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