The Phone Incident

7am on Sunday morning Tyler’s phone rang and the caller ID was, of all people, me. Although, I was in fact still in bed right next to him.

On Saturday afternoon I realized that my phone was no where to be found. After searching high and low, my greatest postulation was that I had placed my phone in my pocket only to have it fall out while on the bus. And likely the fact that I was so exhausted from so much studying and too little sleep, I didn’t even realize.

So back to Sunday, the man on the phone seemed to make no sense to Tyler. Potentially because he had been awake for only 2 minutes or potentially because the man was Grenadian but Tyler was very confused. In the end, we made out that we would meet the guy on the highway near Ace.

We got dressed and left right away and when we stepped out into the early morning sun, only to be greeted by rain. I am still getting used to sun showers, it is just so odd to have it be raining and bright and sunny simultaneously.

Anyways, we met the guy and he did have my phone and he returned it to me. I was so thankful to have my phone back. I was so glad that we did not need to go through the undoubtedly complicated process of getting a new SIM card, transferring credit, etc.

Thank you kind bus driver for picking up my phone and making sure it got back to me. And I will try to refrain from putting it in my pocket anymore.

On a completely unrelated note, I have received a new potential blogging inspiration. I am currently trying to learn how to cook here in Grenada using the local foods and produce that is available without relying on all the expensive imported American food, etc. I am thinking about writing about what works and what I learn and then maybe the next person like me who is looking for recipes and suggestions might just find some help.