Hello Fall

When Tyler and I (okay – it was pretty much all Tyler but I helped a bit) designed our blog we used the awesome green tree motif from our wedding and extended it into a 4 tree set and made it so it changes with the seasons. So, every few months the tree and colors change and it is super awesome. And I think it is pretty (Tyler doesn’t like when I say his designs are pretty so I go with awesome for safety).

But anyways, today officially marks the start of fall. That is so weird! Time just flys so fast doesn’t it? But we are officially marking the transition into fall and as I begin to prepare for my first major medical school exam, now more than ever the fact that summer is over is apparent. It is of course funny to think about fall and fall things (pumpkin latte’s anyone?) when Grenada has no fall. I mean the weather is the same everyday, all day, all year long. However, our friends and family in Cali who tend to experience heat waves this time a year are probably not feeling fall thoughts right now either.

So heres to fall and as Tyler and I enjoy our sunny island paradise, you can all enjoy some fall trees and cool weather. And please, drink a pumpkin latte for us.


P.S. If you didn’t actually notice that the tree is now orange and fall-y and no longer a yellow hippie summer tree and that the color scheme changed from yellow to red, then you should be ashamed. But we still love you.