Less Energy, More Exams

So Midterms start in just under a week. In fact, I think to myself that sitting here writing that in a sentence is such a terrible waste of time. Midterms make it feel like 24 hours in a day is simply no where near enough time to review everything there is to know for the exams. And our professors kindly remind us how many pages of objectives they have given us and how sleeping is for after midterms.

Sadly, as I get busier I also tend to get exhausted. Stress, hours of studying and the transient feeling of being overwhelmed tends to zap my energy pretty good. But of course, having no energy only makes the problem worse. Then today, I am feeling a lot groggy and a little like that could be my immune system conceding to something. Being sick, or being tired really in general, needs to not happen over the next week and a half so I hope that this will pass quickly. Emergen C and coffee will be my friends and hopefully will do the trick to not send me into the land of being sick. So, if you’re thinking about us then please pray for my exams next week and pray that I will have inordinate amounts of energy to tackle and learn and review all that I have learned in the last 8 weeks. Then I can sleep and enjoy Grenada on the hopefully really awesome fun day-after-midterms-date Tyler is planning for us.


  1. Dear Stefanie – I am praying for you!  – for a healthy body and a clear mind. Keep looking up!  “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens You.” Philippians 4:13

  2. Our thoughts are always with you sweetheart and we know you’ll do just fine. And honestly Stef, when ever have you been healthy for a midterm exam? It’s almost like you have to be sick in order to do well. Just seems to be your pattern. 😉
    think positive and all will be fine. Love you!

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