Fall in Grenada (Sort of)

So the other day it was really windy. The gently breeze is basically a constant here, but this was an unusually windy day. As I was standing outside waiting for the bus there were leaved falling from our neighbors trees and blowing everywhere. And they were even multicolored! It was like a little snapshot of fall, even if it was of the Grenadian sort. Or course, it was still 87 degrees outside and all and I am not holding my breath for any of the delicious fall treats to hit the stores (no Thanksgiving here and all – but I did find a recipe that I am going to make for pumpkin maple bacon bars!), but the leaves were fun. However, as I read friends from back home talking about their pumpkin latte’s I do miss Peet’s and Jameson Brown and Kean and all the wonderful coffee shops from back home. Tyler and I decided that over break we might just hang out in a coffee shop all day and just tell our friends to come to us. Sip yummy coffee and catch up with old friends.

Nevertheless, fall is here. Although, I am sad to report that the once colorful crunchy leaves are gone from a couple days of good ol’ Caribbean rain.

Oh, and I am one midterm down, two to go in the craziness and insanity that is exam week, so back to studying I go.  🙂

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  1. Hey Stefanie aunte’ Darla here, Grandma Sharon is visiting us in Oregon, she says if you can get punkins, you can make a pie. Punkin bacon bar to me doesn’t sound that good.

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