Two Weeks and Two Classes Down

Today I finished final number two. Can you believe that it is only week 3 and I have already taken two finals!

We had only two classes the first two weeks which all ended today and tomorrow my other 4, much harder, classes begin. It has been nice to transition in slowly, but a super bummer that I have been so not busy and Tyler has been playing catch-up with work. He says that starting next weekend he shouldn’t have to work on the weekends anymore, just when I will be back to studying all weekend. LAME!

But anyways, we are enjoying being back to normal life here on the Island. Back to a nice sunny 85 degrees everyday with sporadic rain showers. In fact, I think that this afternoon I will hit the beach. And maybe if I am lucky, I will pull my husband away from work this evening to come join me and we can get some fun, fruity drinks at Umbrellas.

But we are actually very thankful that Tyler is now working full time for one company. God has blessed us there and he loves his job so much, so that makes me very happy. I am looking forward to time changing again so we will only be 3 hours ahead of home, then 5pm there will be only 8pm here. And you can pray for school as real classes start up. I am also leading DES review sessions for 1st termers this term for Anatomy and Biochemistry plus, which some luck, will be taking a community health selective that will allow me to round at the Grenada General Hospital a couple times a week. It will mean that I am really busy, but it should help me really solidify and integrate all that I am learning.

With love from us here in Grenada, we hope you are all enjoying your cold winters and snow storms. If you need a sunny break, come visit!