Rough Beginnings


It had been particularly windy here the last few days.  Why, I am not really sure. It is usually breezy, but the wind has been particularly strong recently. So much so, that these eerie sounds get made from the way it whips around our apartment that I can hear at night or in the early mornings.

Not much more has happened recently. It has been a week of dealing with lots of little annoying things. This school has been sending me round in circles. Wednesday I attended a training session to be a facilitator for review sessions for new term 1 students. I signed up months ago and was assured that it was a for-sure thing if you pass your classes. I go to the training and my name is not on the list. They have no record of my sign-up (even tho I have proof I submitted the application) and wrote my name down to add-in. I have yet to hear if I got scheduled and when my group will meet. They start Monday and it would be nice to know if I need to be preparing, etc. Unfortunately, I feel like I have pestered them enough today so I will have to wait until Monday and hope that I don’t have a session that starts on Monday.

Secondly, they posted grades today for my finals I took Monday and Tuesday. When I originally checked my parasitology grade, it said I failed. This seemed crazy to me, so I frantically emailed the professor and then worried ran to the office. I was thankful to see a friend of mine sitting there frantically looking through scantrons which gave me the reassurance that it was most likely an error. Fortunately it was just that, an error on their part, and my grade is supposed to be corrected to my rightly earned A. Sigh of relief there.

And thirdly this week I finally turned in my selective papers. SGU offers optional extra classes that are usually clinically oriented. I am (hopefully) taking a community health selective that will allow me to get some experience visiting the Grenada general hospital and taking patient histories, etc. I am really looking forward to it and one of my friends and I decided to sign up together. After finally finding the office we needed, the person we needed to speak with was not there so we handed our papers to a secretary to hope the class is not full. I really hope we get in, we are very excited about taking the class. It sounds like a great opportunity. I guess we will see, lets hope they can be prompt about letting us know. I think it starts in a week!

Anyways, prayers that everything will work out are much appreciated. I am looking forward to getting to do a few things outside of just class to help gain some extra experience and course review.

Tyler and I are hoping to head to St. George’s on Sunday for some Independence Day festivities. There seems to be a sort of national fair thing happening. I am sure that will warrant some stories you can look forward to!


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