Worst Week Ever – 2 weeks later….

I just walked out for a minute. Really. As long as it took to walk from the study hall to the library where the clean bathrooms are and come back. And it was gone. My beautiful, wonderful, still new feeling laptop was gone.

Yep, my poor laptop was stolen from the study hall what was now two weekends ago. In the time that my study buddy and I stepped out for a quick break and someone swiped it. Surprising considering the hall was full, and everyone knows that I am the girl with the laptop with the ridiculously awesome and ridiculously cute monkey sticker on my computer. So our weekend and really, the following week, went straight down the toilet. The process of reporting the theft and figuring out what to do was nothing less than awful. Plus I lost tons of work that I had done – sure made me wish I hadn’t chose to be so productive that week and stay up so late that I was forgetting to back-up my computer at night.

Long story short, and an unexpected flight to Florida for Tyler, I have a shiny new macbook and the studying carries on. I am even getting over all the upgrades since switching to Lion and my computer is starting to scare me less. I was so blessed during the whole ordeal that one of my classmates let me borrow his laptop for a few days while Tyler was gone. And since we had just upgraded my dropbox account to the fancy paid version, I was able to start using cloud syncing as what is now my third backup system, just in case.

But, life moves on and even though it was two weeks before finals began and I was computer-less, finals didn’t stop coming closer. Test 1 was today and it went well and the study marathon is on. So hard to believe that in just 10 days I will be 1/4 of a doctor!

5 more tests to go and then a much needed break will be had. And in 2 weeks from tomorrow Tyler and I fly off to Carriacou to celebrate our first anniversary!  So excited.  🙂

Now back to studying.