School is out! Now Time for Fun.

Another term down. In fact, a whole year down.

It is hard to believe that my first year of medical school is finally finished. It was a long and brutal road the last 18 weeks. But I am proud of how I did and I feel like I truly glorified the Lord by working to the fullest of the abilities He has blessed me with to finish the term strong. And I am so grateful for my amazing husband who stuck it out in the trenches with me even when that included late nights in freezing cold study halls (yes, they way overuse AC here).

We were blessed to celebrate our 1 year anniversary too – of course right in the middle of exams. But that is okay, we took it in stride and we leave Saturday on our 1 year anniversary trip! We could not be more excited. We have such a fun and exciting adventure planned of exploring all around our little Caribbean paradise.

This last week Tyler and I have been taking it easy. I have been napping, a lot. And indulging in all of my favorite post-exam activities like getting my requisite massage and a mani/pedi. And of course my first trip to the beach in ages (so sad, I know) left me a bright red lobster and from what I can tell I am starting to peel at the moment. My back still hurts, but oh well. That is what happens when you don’t put on sunscreen. I wasn’t exactly planning on being there for as long as I was.

I also took a trip around the island up to Belmont with a bunch of friends from school that had not left the island left. It was my first time really driving in Grenada so me and our new car got some time to bond. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures from this trip, but it was a blast – rain and all! We have an amazing lunch and got to stock up on some more delicious chocolate.

Tyler and I have been trying to get out together as much as possible. We are being so healthy and he is going swimming in the morning while I go the gym and we even made it down to the beach for a nice sunset drink and stroll last night. It feels so nice to not have to be working at all hours.

Here are a few pictures to enjoy. More to come after vacation!

Love this guy!

Love this guy!


Sunsets here are magical.Our beautiful Grand Anse Beach!

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  1. Stefanie,
    Love reading your blogs. Glad all is settling and you and Tyler have a wonderful rest. Miss you both. Look forward to July.

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