An Ode to Scrappy

It was a sunny weekday morning and Tyler and I were indulging in our typical workout routine. Tyler went to the beach for a swim and me to the gym. As I walked to the beach after my workout to meet Tyler I saw the little ball of fluff curled up next to Ty. And then the story was told of how Scrappy was wandering down the beach and bounded towards Tyler with friendliness and love and decided that Tyler was his new best friend. And so I met Scrappy and his little doggie eyes melted my heart. And unlike most stray dogs in Grenada, he was actually friendly and adorable.

So as Tyler and I began to get up to leave, Scrappy began to follow us. He was certain that we would make a wonderful little family to join. So he walked with us all the way back over to where the car was parked. And as Tyler said, he was such a good walker. He didn’t even need a leash and he never left our side. And as we got the car in hopes of heading back home, little ol’ Scrap just hopped on in. He jumped in my lap and kissed my cheek, getting pounds of sand and dog hair all in our¬†impeccably¬†unclean car. But alas, we could not keep sweet Scrappy. He probably had parasites anyways. So we parted ways. But now everytime I go to the beach I look for him. I think he misses us.

Moral of the Story: We really need a dog!!!!

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  1. Oooh…you should have just kept him. Poor thing will probably wind up hit by one of those crazy bus drivers. Parasites can be gotten rid of. All dogs have them anyways.

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