Our First Hash

Us and some of the Foster family we hashed with.

Us and some of the Foster family we hashed with.

It was not long after arriving in Grenada that we learned of the “secret” sport of hashing. So it quickly made it onto our bucket list of things to do, but like most things we never really go to it. Many of the hashes are not on our side of the island and I am just too busy during most weekends to get away. But finally we made plans and stuck to it and went this Saturday. And what a BLAST!!

Basically hashing is an organized hike open to anyone who comes that takes you up through the backwoods and forests of Grenada. And to make things more interesting there are false trails and shortcuts and all sorts of goodies like that to make it all more adventurous. And our course a trail of paper globs to keep your from disappearing into the abyss. This particular hash had us climbing straight up the muddy slopes of a mountain through the rainforest and then back down through some villages of St. Paul. We loved it. Honestly, we can’t wait to go again. We were dirty and sweaty after our little hash, but it was so cool to see. And we even found some cocoa pods in the forest that we brought home to enjoy as a snack. Tyler and I are addicted to the fruit around the beans – tasty. We will certainly be repeating this adventure again soon.

Just starting out - when the hash seemed easy and we had no idea how big the mountain was. Using ropes to make it up the steep, slippery mountainside Yep, we are in the forests now Tyler was still making his silly smile face though
Some of the sweet views once we finally got the top Tyler conquered the mountain walking down a false trail - so sad to have to walk back up again. Views


  1. Stefanie and Tyler,
    This looks like fun. Also see you are putting that underwater camera to use. Pictures are beautiful.
    Look forward to seeing the new apartment. Sounds like a great place.
    Love you and miss you

    • We love the camera! Can’t wait for you guys to come see the apartment! Stefanie is learning some great local recipes to cook for you guys. 

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