GSPCA Hash – AKA We Had a Dog for a Day

Our "Family"

Our 3 piece family for the day

Saturday on a seeming whim Tyler and I decided to go hashing. Our decision was based 100% on the fact that it was the GSPCA hash so the shelter would let you walk a puppy if you wanted. Needless to say I made sure we got there like an hour early just to be sure I would get a dog. I am dying without a constant influx of puppy affection and I probably bring it up in conversation at least 3 times a day.

We just barely got there in time before the available dogs were handed out, but luckily I did. I chose a spunky, skinny little rascal whose name was Thor. We bonded with little Thor and we are basically in love with him now. He was particularly fond of Tyler and started getting extremely upset if he walked away while we were waiting for the hash to start. Thor had a sad story as he was apparently tied to a tree and left to die and was rescued by the shelter. He had a bad infection and was finally on the mend and allowed to socialize. He was a skinny little dude, but he was so sweet. He was so excited to get out and about. I was afraid he would be a puller and he would make me run the whole hash, but he did well. After he got out some of that extra energy and decided that half-strangling himself by pulling on the leash wasn’t as fun as walking with us he was much easier. He had a blast. I think we basically gave him the best day of his life.


He won my heart

The hash this week was an around-town hash. The last hash Tyler and I went on was quite perilous and I seriously almost died. I guess that is what we got for deciding to do the “iron-man” finish. So we assumed that an around-the-town hash might be bit more mellow with less jungle traversing, stream crossing craziness. Of course this was silly to think and even though it was just round St. Georges I don’t think I have ever walked up so many stairs or steep hills in my life. We were so proud of Thor though for making it the whole 4 miles. Some of the other shelter dogs had to be carried. Not Thor, he was still charging uphill all the way to the end. I could have sworn he tongue would fly out of his mouth, but I think he was just so happy.

It was a fun, relaxing day. The GSPCA said the dogs loved it so much they are looking for people to take the dogs out for a day for walks and beachtime now. Hopefully we might get to play with Thor again then! 🙂

Here are some more pics we captured from our day out!

Thor and I He liked kisses Tyler walking Thor Thor and I - bliss!
Inside Fort George Hashing View What Studs!!

Hashing – Round Two

It was a nice and simple hash. Mellow, just a long walk along the  road.

Then we reached the split point for the iron man finish. We asked, unsure. They said it was shorter. Fun, adventurous, not too hard. We believed them. Off we travelled.

At first it was jumping over rocks and walking through actual bush.

Then came the steep hills.

We slid down muddy slopes on our butts, trying to avoid the trees.

Then I almost died while trying to hope across a ledge.

almost dying

Post almost dying and the man who caught me standing behind me.

Then more slidding.

Then the river – it seemed we kept traversing and traversing this stream. We wished for bathing suits instead of hiking clothes. Why did we not come prepared for a swim?

It was harrowing, that is for sure. I think we might think twice about the next time we see an iron man finish.

Major plus side though – we finally tried Oil Down (the national dish) for the first time and it was delish!

Rum Shop View Getting Wet Ty

Our First Hash

Us and some of the Foster family we hashed with.

Us and some of the Foster family we hashed with.

It was not long after arriving in Grenada that we learned of the “secret” sport of hashing. So it quickly made it onto our bucket list of things to do, but like most things we never really go to it. Many of the hashes are not on our side of the island and I am just too busy during most weekends to get away. But finally we made plans and stuck to it and went this Saturday. And what a BLAST!!

Basically hashing is an organized hike open to anyone who comes that takes you up through the backwoods and forests of Grenada. And to make things more interesting there are false trails and shortcuts and all sorts of goodies like that to make it all more adventurous. And our course a trail of paper globs to keep your from disappearing into the abyss. This particular hash had us climbing straight up the muddy slopes of a mountain through the rainforest and then back down through some villages of St. Paul. We loved it. Honestly, we can’t wait to go again. We were dirty and sweaty after our little hash, but it was so cool to see. And we even found some cocoa pods in the forest that we brought home to enjoy as a snack. Tyler and I are addicted to the fruit around the beans – tasty. We will certainly be repeating this adventure again soon.

Just starting out - when the hash seemed easy and we had no idea how big the mountain was. Using ropes to make it up the steep, slippery mountainside Yep, we are in the forests now Tyler was still making his silly smile face though
Some of the sweet views once we finally got the top Tyler conquered the mountain walking down a false trail - so sad to have to walk back up again. Views