Hashing – Round Two

It was a nice and simple hash. Mellow, just a long walk along the  road.

Then we reached the split point for the iron man finish. We asked, unsure. They said it was shorter. Fun, adventurous, not too hard. We believed them. Off we travelled.

At first it was jumping over rocks and walking through actual bush.

Then came the steep hills.

We slid down muddy slopes on our butts, trying to avoid the trees.

Then I almost died while trying to hope across a ledge.

almost dying

Post almost dying and the man who caught me standing behind me.

Then more slidding.

Then the river – it seemed we kept traversing and traversing this stream. We wished for bathing suits instead of hiking clothes. Why did we not come prepared for a swim?

It was harrowing, that is for sure. I think we might think twice about the next time we see an iron man finish.

Major plus side though – we finally tried Oil Down (the national dish) for the first time and it was delish!

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