Past 6 weeks in Review

Wow – I can’t believe how bad I have gotten about blogging. You would think considering I had way more free time during the last term I would have blogged more, but I guess our life just felt too boring. Or I took too many naps – I am choosing not to say which one.

The last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind of stuff really. Another term at SGU completed. Another class passed, another step closer to my M.D. Today was the start of Term 4, arguably the hardest term and I have been in a way looking forward to it and in a way dreading it. I mean the workload and that looming 13 credit class are terrifying, but there is always this “right of passage” feeling to hard things. Plus this is supposed to be the real start of learning all of the really cool stuff that you use all the time as a doctor. Sure I have learned a lot, but now we get all of the stuff we need to know to diagnose people and treat people – real medicine stuff.

The last 6 weeks have mainly consisted of one very rushed trip back to Cali for a friends wedding. While the wedding was a blast, it was quite stressful and exhausting and left me really behind in school. But I will say worth it. Then it seemed like midterms came and went and then Tyler’s whole family came to visit. We spent so much time hanging out with them, having them over for dinner, lounging on the beach with them, and of course trying to watch the Olympic games but failing (long story). We were sad to see them leave as we always are. We love when people come visit, gives us an excuse like we are on vacation but we still get to sleep in our own bed. Plus, I wanted to steal the fridge from their hotel room so bad I might have to organize a night heist at some point. They apparently make a whole line of retro appliances that I now definitely want for our future home. I will totally make it work with our modern, eclectic, indie chic style vibes. I may have to smash our fridge with a bat so it “breaks” so I can buy one.

Anyways, enough about that. Pretty much after Ty’s family left it was time for us both to get back to work and catch up and then finals came and the term was over. I swear, 6 weeks have never gone by so fast!

I also got older. A whole year older. My birthday fell sadly on the day before our final, so I studied most of the day. So I declared Friday my birthday Part 2 and did all the requisite celebrating. Massage, made cookies, and went out with friends. Tyler and my dear friend Kelsie put it all together and we had a great night with some of out closest friends here in Grenada. Not a bad night!

The gang.

The whole group at my birthday dinner!

With Kelsie and Tyler - two of my favorite people on earth!

With Kelsie and Tyler - two of my favorite people on earth!

That basically sums up most of the last 6 weeks. Stay tuned for some “belated posts” that were left half-written on our blog for too long but include photos and stories from too many fun adventures to pass on posting.