So Tyler’s defective… (I promise he called himself that)

I know, I know. I promised to finally post those backlogged posts from summer – I promise I want to but Term 4 is being mean to me already. But I at least got the pictures on my computer and have sorted through them. Okay, this week/weekend I will totally get on that.

But on other notes, I figure some updates on the Paulson life would suffice for now. Tyler first. We have postulated that he might be gluten intolerant. He has been feeling pretty bad the last month or so, and as he has told me over the last week he feels like he has been feeling off for the last year and half or so. So as with any and all persistent, non-illness related GI things the first thing any good doctor (or med student) thinks is gluten. Okay, that last part is a lie mostly because gluten intolerance/sensitivity/Celiacs is like REALLY hard to diagnose and many people get really frustrated by that. But I am new to the game so I can be on the lookout. But anyways, my first guess is gluten. It is a secret destroyer of people’s intestines. So poor Tyler has been put on a temporary gluten-free diet while we try and determine if that helps. I feel like if he suddenly decides in a couple weeks he feels better, we can feel pretty sure we found the culprit. If not, well, we will move on to theory B.

So that means for now we are on a strict diet. That also means I have to cook like every meal. Grenada is not going to be GFree friendly like back home could be. Restaurants are too risky, especially since he needs to be extra strict so we can feel confident on deciding if there is an association or not. So I have been reading food labels, buying ridiculously priced pasta made of rice, and feeding Tyler tons of veggies! I even made him gluten free chocolate chip pancakes – because I am nice like that. It is way too early to tell if it is working. He thinks he feels better, but I am wary of placebo effects and the like.

Me on the other hand, just life moving in to high-speed mode. And for whatever reason my neck/shoulder area that I have had troubles with forever has come back into being really annoying. I got the problem mostly better with my strict use of bookstands and appropriate posture/reading angles. But alas, pain has returned. Today I even got a massage after class because it was so bad and I was hoping that something would give me some relief for the week. We will hope this is a temporary thing.

So I guess prayers are appreciated for us both. Me for pain relief and Tyler for, well, relief in general. I personally feel like if gluten is it, at least we will have solved the problem. Tyler’s love for bread and pasta and all things gluten-y-goodness might hope otherwise. But I think we can make do. I do love to learn how to bake new things.