Good News…

So I have some good news. This whole cooking thing started off as a few fun posts about Grenadian foods here and there and has sort of became bigger than it started off as. Which is great! I am loving spending time coming up with delicious recipes and it will be fun to make a larger priority to doing so.

So the news is – WE’RE MOVING! Yep, I am going out and getting a big-girl cooking blog. Tyler is hard at work designing a wonderful site and it will be up and running on my very own site. And let me tell you, it’s going to be great. I will post the new address here once we have it up of course.

The bad news in this is I probably won’t be posting anything more on here until that gets all done and pretty. All of my new food creations will get drafted into the new site so that all the new posts will be of the new and improved form. But good news is it comes with lots more fun features like printable recipes, a better layout, and nicer pictures. I upgraded my set-up and Tyler and I are working on getting those styled up much better. Things will only get better as we get back to the States and can get a few needed equipment pieces.

So fun things ahead! This term in school is brutal so it might take a bit, but we already got some fun posts cooking so once it opens, it is sure to wow!

And…I might even re-do posts on some of my most popular recipes too – hopefully to make them even better!

More to come soon, I promise!