Post-Exam Fun

So Term 4 is a beast! An unruly, nearly untameable, beast. So when our first of 3 exam weeks (yes, 3!) finished last week Tyler and I tried to make the best of it. We dearly wanted to go to my favorite place on the island, Belmont, but they are always closed on Saturdays. So instead we decided to check a few more places to see off the ol’ bucket list and headed out to the River Antoine Rum Distillery and to the Old Pearl’s Airport. Since we would be driving all the way up to practically the north of the Island anyway, we made it a round trip and had lunch in Sauteurs and then drove back down the Caribbean side.

Pearls Airport

Pearls Aiport

We attempted to go to the Rivers first, but while trying to find the correct turn-off we actually happened upon the old airport. Which was nice since we didn’t know how to get to the old airport anyways. Way back when the school first opened, the airport was actually located fairly close to Grenville, which if you look at a map is quite far away from where we live (you may reference map on the side of the screen). So students used to have to take a bus or taxi the one hour plus drive to get to True Blue. Of course, as travel to Grenada has gone up a new airport was needed, built, and is now the “huge” airport that it is.

But, the old airport still has some old planes, the real reason for wanting to go and check it out. It was actually really cool. They are just there, becoming part of the landscape. No idea why they have been just left there, but one of them we almost didn’t even see since the brush has grown completely through it and around it.Cows

Me unsuccessfully trying to lure the cows

Unsuccessfully trying to feed the cows

I personally was enamored by all of the cows just grazing in the grass, but that is just a ‘me’ thing. I was so sad when I couldn’t get the little babies to let me come pet them. Not even when I tempted them with grass. It was neat to see the old, decaying planes though. I was originally hoping we would be passing by the airport around sunset time hoping to just take a ton of photos, and we could play with all the fun settings on my new camera and Ty and I could even take some photos of us, but as it was high noon and bright, that didn’t quite happen. But I still got a few good ones worth sharing.

Large Jet Wing Small Plane Plane growing foliage
Tyler and the plane Goats Back of the Jet Driving on the runway pretending to fly

After our little airport detour, we got back on the road and headed up to Rivers – we did eventually find the correct turn.

A beautiful church we passed on the drive

A beautiful church we passed on the drive.

RiversRiver Antoine is like the oldest rum distillery on the island, and we are pretty sure the oldest in the Caribbean. They use a large water wheel to power much of what they do which is just so neat. And it is certified organic! Believe it or not, they make around 100,000 bottles or rum that are sold only in Grenada a year! The population of Grenada is only about 100,000 people, and this is the smallest of 3 rum distilleries on the island and they are still making enough for 1 bottler per man, woman and child. Crazy!

We got to take a short tour of the facility and see how the make the rum, the way it is all piped around underground, and how it is fermented. Rivers only makes the overproof rum with their ‘weak’ stuff still being 69%. That is the lowest alcohol content that can legally be imported into the U.S. Their normal strength stuff is 79% which is the lowest that is legally allowed to be flown due to flammability concerns. The Carriacou rum distillery makes their rum at 89% which is just insane! And all of it is drank on that island too because it can only be transported somewhere else by boat.

But anyways, it was neat. We even got a sample. HAHA. The rum itself actually has a nice flavor for white rum, but lets just say that we will be using half of what we normally would every time we put it in our punch.

Rivers factory The water wheel Fermenting Rum Rivers Rum

After our tour we were ready for lunch so we headed up to Sauteurs to this little restaurant owned by this British couple. A delicious lunch while overlooking the northern shores and some of Grenada’s cays made us feel refreshed and relaxed.

Then it was time to embark upon the journey home. This roadtrip around the country we came prepared with a Relevant podcast to listen to, one our favorite driving activities and then of course and excellent CD. With all the windows and down and music blaring, driving along the windy coastal roads is just so much fun! Our little clown car loves it too, we think he is sad he only drives from our house to school most days.

Road 1 Road 2 Road 3 Road 4

MarinaWe did actually make one last small detour on our way home. We really wanted to check our Port Louis Marina as we keep saying we will go, but never do. Sadly, I think for off-season most of the stuff was closed down for renovations for the impending busy tourist season. So we really just walked around a bit and took some pictures. But that is okay, we will have to come again. We have heard rumors of a coffee shop. But it is so nice and right on the water overlooking the Carrenage and St. George’s so it would be a perfect spot to do lunch one day too!