Brief Update – Term 4 Madness

I have been a student for a long time. First there was 7 years of elementary school, 2 years of junior high, 4 years of high school, 4 years of college, and now we are just over 1 year into med school and I don’t think I have ever worked so hard or been so busy in my life. And trust me, that is saying something! I have remarkable capabilities for being busy. I have been likening Term 4 to a perpetual state of drowning. I feel like I am drowning and I am just hoping I will be alive by the time the Term ends in December.

I feel like I have always worked a lot since starting school here, but the amount of material we are supposed to master in a week is unfathomable. And quite frankly my brain is rebelling. I am hoping now that the requisite term sickness is out of the way (even if it did plaque me the 2 weeks leading up to exams and during exams) I am hoping that maybe, little by little, I will feel more on top of things and hopefully this next set of exams will go better than the last ones (please no illnesses) and I will have enough energy to keep going until December.

Its been even more tough with Tyler being gone. He is a breath of fresh air to my soul most days, and usually my only contact with a non-med student for weeks on in which is so needed. We all like in this work-filled bubble and sometimes I need him to remind me there is a world outside of the library. And he washes dishes – I hate washing dishes and hate even more having to take the time to do it now.

But Tyler, from what little communication we have had, seems to be doing well and I am so excited for the things he is doing. Its kinda like my heart is divided. I selfishly want him here to keep me company and entertained in my down time, but really want him to go. As he said, he is serving as an ambassador for our family and I am just as much represented in his efforts and he is.

With any luck maybe he will get a chance to post a little more soon. Things should be slowing down and returning to normal and he will get more into a pace of working. If not, I know he will at least have a large follow-up post to write once he gets back.

That’s all for now. Please keep praying for endurance through what feels like an impossible term. And that maybe I will find some time for a little more sleep.