Back into the Swing of Things

So I blame the delay of posting on Tyler, I really do. I really wanted him to post a recap of his trip to Africa, but alas he has not found the time. Maybe in the next few months one might pop up.

We are back in Grenada after a fun but exhausting 3 weeks in California. We are both so exhausted. I think the trip broke us, we just cannot keep our eyes open. We slept almost the entire day on Thursday after we landed and have been taking way too many 3 hour naps since then. Lets hope I can snap out of it as classes begin tomorrow and I need to return to some sort of normalcy.

Our trip to the States was fun and I sadly did not take very many pictures.  I am actually shocked as I was so excited to use my cool new GPS camera to tag all the pictures, and then I didn’t even take one picture while we were snowboarding in Colorado. I know, I should be ashamed. It was beautiful and cold! We enjoyed spending some holiday/vacation time with a good majority of the family on my side and Tyler’s immediate family too!

One specific fun thing was we did go visit the the Ronald Reagan Museum while we were in Simi Valley for Tyler’s birthday. He really wanted to go. I had been several time before during school, but it was cool to see the Air force 1 which was new and this really cool Disney exhibit that was visiting there.

A piece of the Berlin Wall Air Force One Sketch of Disneyland Love!
Jack Sparrow Pirates Black Pearl Old Posters Rock

I did also manage to bring back a few family pics and some of Tyler and I’s adorable niece, Samantha. She is getting so big and so cute and she definitely loves Auntie Stef. Plus I totally taught her how to wave while we were there – so adorable.

Anyways, since I have nothing interesting to say, you can look at these pictures instead!


Slater's 50/50

Tyler about to attack his 50% ground beef, 50% ground bacon gfree burger.


Me and Sam

Samantha and I


Us and Sam

Us with our niece