First Weekend Adventures

Since we felt like we didn’t get much time to spend together and unwind – a vacation from our vacation as it were – we decided to set aside the first weekend. Tyler was coming off deadline and school was real slow so it worked perfect.

We decided to head up to one of the plantations in St. David which is one parish north of us. It is a very quiet part of the Island and away from everything busy and touristy. We had a delicious lunch in a tree-top balcony overlooking the bay and finished it with the most amazing chocolate dessert ever! We are still dreaming about it.

After our lunch we ended up going exploring at 2 of the local old forts, Fort Matthew and Fort Frederick. I left my camera battery on the charger, so I took some photos with my phone. They are therefore crappy, but maybe you can get a sense of some of the views. The Forts in Grenada have quite a history and the guides that walked around with us had a lot to say. I think they are always taken aback that we are not tourists and spend a lot of time thanking us for coming to the island and we have to remind them that we live here. But that is okay. Nevertheless, we got to walk through some underground tunnels that used to connect the entire Fort system. They are largely impassable now so we were only in a small part, but it was still neat. After our Fort adventure we stopped by Port Louis marina for some sunset drinks on our way home.

Here are a few of the photos!

Fort Matthew The View
These signs are just too funny! View at Port Louis

After our relaxing lunch and fun adventures we came home to enjoy a little homemade gfree pizza night. Using some pizza dough mix we brought back from the states we concocted some delicious pizzas. Tyler was so happy to have his favorite food! I found some good and easy recipes to try on my own once we are back to grocery stores with large and reliable stock, but these will certainly do for now!

That about sums up our weekend. Since then it has been a slow roll back into the swing of things and exams are way too quickly approaching so it is med school madness again in the Paulson home.