Lobster Night

BoatOur daily life here in Grenada is quite uneventful and predictable. We tend to eat all 3 meals within a half-hour of each other everyday, I methodically switch out my study hall scarf every three days to avoid looking like I wear the same thing everyday, and I haul around the same book everywhere I go. In fact, me and my First Aid have become joined at the hip. And it is slowly becoming lovingly color-coded to perfection! Usually the only variable in our day-to-day life is whether we will watch 1 episode of Big Bang or be crazy and watch two.

We tend to feel bad we don’t share more updates, but then we remember we don’t do much. No worries, this is not a sad thing so much as a reality thing. With exams less than a week away (gasp!) we are more hermit-like than usual. I have staked out my seat in the library (although someone clearly forgot that was my spot tonight and I am currently relegated to a corner I only travel to in last resort).

But, a couple weekends ago, we were cool and exciting. We decided that a night off from study halls, AC, and home-cooking was in order and we decided it was Lobster night. Lobster season here is a magical time and even the most pricey restaurants here are still quite affordable when compared to what you might spend in the US. And lobster is gluten free, Tyler’s major selling point. So we went to one of our favorite lesser-known restaurants for a sunset beach walk, some lobster and rum punch. And because ending the night at like 8:30 always causes a bit of a complex we even went and grabbed dessert at one of the big, fancy resort hotels and sat on the beach for a bit admiring the stars. Relaxation at its finest if you ask me.

In other news, Tyler’s parents and sister come a week from Friday so we will be getting to spend some time with them. And I think Tyler is hoping for a restock on the TJs gfree pasta he loves so much. We have picked out some of our favorite new dishes I make for a couple dinners in and are praying the grocery store might actually stock the ingredients I need. All-in-all it will be fun to see them and will hopefully give us an excuse to sit on the beach and get a little sunshine. Although I might have to invite Mr. First Aid – USMLE is less than 5 months away.

Here are some pictures, because we know they are way better than whatever I have to say.  🙂






My incredibly colorful dessert.