That One Time I Ditched Pathophys Studying to Eat Dinner on a Boat

View from the boatWell, the title pretty much says it all. But, Friday last week my brain declared that it had had enough of school, studying, first aid charts, etc. It went on strike and left my body alone in the library unable to concentrate.

Solution – throw caution to the wind, ditch my school work and responsibilities, and go on an impossibly fun date with my hubby.

A few bays over is a boating marina, Le Phare Bleu, ┬áthat is actually quite cute and really nice compared to much of Grenada. It was much larger than I expected, I think that was most of it. I can see why the rich boaters spend a lot of time there. But, they have a boat that they serve dinner on a few nights a week and Tyler and I had placed it on our short list of places we wanted to try out before leaving Grenada. Due to a wrong turn, we missed seeing the peak of the gorgeous sunset over the water, but it was still amazing. The place is all light with twinkly Christmas lights, the dinner was amazing, and the atmosphere quaint and quiet. After a slow dinner of drinks, dinner, the most amazing dessert – our spirits and minds were relaxed and refreshed. And, I had a supremely productive Saturday of working 8am to about midnight so I would say I more than made up for my break. Sometimes, taking time off is the most productive thing to do!

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