Summer Plans

Well, it’s official. We will be NY residents this summer!

While we still don’t know if we will end up there for year 3 (fingers crossed though), we have decided that will be our temporary home for the summer. We were originally looking at moving to Pennsylvania (and had found a cheap cheap 3 bedroom house we were planning on signing the papers for) when some friends of ours that live in Brooklyn mentioned they were subleasing their place for the exact dates we would need. It took us all of 5 minutes to conclude that their tiny apartment in hip Brooklyn would be infinitely better than some college guys house in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania. (Let the record show when we got the pictures for the house, I was NOT impressed. College guys are yucky and have poorly furnished homes with too-big TVs).

So – we are moving to Brooklyn!!!! We are going to be majorly culture-shocked I am sure by the big city. I will be spending most of the first month and a half getting to know all the local coffee-shops (getting my much needed coffee fuel) and finding my study jam in the Brooklyn public library. But, we will at least get to start exploring and IF we do get placed there, it will be INFINITELY easier to start apartment hunting and we will even have a slight semblance of what it is like to live there. Plus, we think it will be much easier to find something fun to do on those rare study nights-off.

Praise God for always providing things. We are equally as happy to bless our sweet friends with someone to rent their place while they are in California for the summer. And we are certain they are happier to have familiar people coming in than strangers. 🙂


Less than 6 weeks until I board my final plane leaving Grenada (Boo!) and less than 30 days until my last final (YAY)