A Love for Cows

A lesser known fact about me is that I kinda really like cows. I think they are cool. I say hello to the cows that are often found on our road almost every time we pass them, it never gets old. Tyler thinks I am weird, but its okay. He probably would think I was weird even without the cow thing.

My grandparents raised cows when I was a kid so I think that is why cows just always spark fond memories for me. I used to love running out trying to coax the cows close to the fences so I could pet them and feel the funny feeling of their really long tongues on my hands. And my sister and I used to “help” my grandfather herd cows by running alongside their cow dog. I am sure it was quite adorable.

Baby Cows Anyways, this means the cows around Grenada are something I like. I have yet to be able to convince any of them to let me pet them though. So it was to my delight when one morning I woke up and walked to the front porch to find none other than the two little baby cows that are usually hanging around our apartment in our backyard! The front gate had been left open and the just waltzed in in search of new grass. It was a funny experience to herd out cows from our backyard at 7am in the morning.Walking the cows out

And since this is a post about nothing other than cows, I feel it worth mentioning Tyler and I saw the tiniest, adorable baby cow while hashing recently as well. Momma cow was quite protective of the little one and was not so pleased I don’t think that so many people were trekking through her space. We kept our distance, but it made me quite excited. What can I say, baby things are kinda┬áirresistible┬áno matter what animal it is.

Cute CowsUs Hashing

Oh, and you can note what happens when Tyler takes a selfie of us, I look microscopic. He may never learn that angling the camera down towards the ground kinda shrinks me…so he looks gigantic and I look teeny. Oh well, we are still cute.


Less than 3 weeks to go and I will be 1/2 of a doctor!!! 6 days of lecture, 3 exams, countless cups of coffee – we can do this!

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  1. Grandpa would be pleased to know you have fond memories of the ranch and the baby cows. Best of luck in the craziness to come Stefanie. And YES. YOU can do this and so much more! Oh, you both are cute and Stef, you are tiny.

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