Residency Applications

Today I submitted a summary of my entire life accomplishments to 83 different hospitals with hope that at least one of then will hire me for next year.

That is crazy!

Now, it was actually not even that simple. After weeks and weeks of carefully preparing my application, groveling for letters of recommendation, and reading every word I wrote 12 times over – when it came time for the 9am submission time, the website crashed. To say I was devastated would be the understatement of the year. Instead, I spent the next six hours watching New Girl, eating ice cream, and hitting refresh.

Fast forward – after a few tears and some deep breathing exercises, I am all submitted. Honestly, I am trying to just let it all go and pray. It’s all in the Lord’s hands now.

So please, pray for these next few weeks and pray favor on my application. The next few months will be filled with running around like a crazy person on interviews.

Here is to hoping and to finally being done!!