London and Paris

Earlier this summer, Tyler and I traveled with his whole family to London and Paris. It was an amazing week! It was so nice to spend so much time with his family and doing so while exploring new countries is by far my favorite. I even got to celebrate my 25th birthday in Paris – Tyler may never top that! Be warned, this post has tons of photos!

Here are some snapshots from London. Top things we did: Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and saw Wicked! There is so much of London we didn’t even touch, but I will save that for next time. Seeing the inside of the Palace was really neat since it is only open for a very limited time every year.

Next up, Paris. I fell in love from the moment we got off the train. Every last inch of this city is beautiful. Every street felt like it was from a movie; I could have wandered around random streets for days. To me, Paris was so much bigger and more beautiful than anywhere I have been. We went to the Louvre, saw the Arc de Triumph, the Eiffle Tower (of course, and went up at night), saw Notre Dame, and ate macaroons from Laduree. I cannot wait to come back and see so much more!