Kenya: The Journey

Well, I have finally made it to Kenya. The trip was pretty smooth, all-in-all. My layover was perfect, planes were on time and I had extra seats around me so I could lie down. I tried to stay awake most of my second flight in order to be sleepy enough to adjust to the time difference, but it’s still a bit challenging. Getting my Visa was a breeze and my bag made it – not much more you can ask for on a long flight.

Today we made the 4 hour drive from Nairobi to Bomet, where Tenwek hospital is. The drive was across is huge valley and after a while it felt like driving through central California on the 5. Nothing but farms, cows, brown land and no people. Every time we passed through little villages it was so cool to see some many people and so much fresh food. I can’t wait to get my hands on some fruit from the local vendors here in Tenwek.

I saw the hospital facilities yesterday. They are massive, to me at least. It still amazes me they have this much here. I have not met the team of doctors I am supposed to work with yet, but I will get my pager tomorrow. I did meet a guy whose wife is coming tomorrow or the next day and she is a pediatrician and he insisted I meet her. I am hoping to at least sneak a few peaks of the peds wards in my free time.

There are not a lot of medical people staying in the guesthouse area right now, most of them seem to be in the homes and apartments for more long term visitors. But I am sure I will meet a lot of people tomorrow.

Here are just a few pictures from my drive. I didn’t get to take my camera out much yet, but more to come I am sure.

The Rift Valley

The Rift Valley