Kenya: Opthalmology OR

Today I finally started working at the hospital. Getting to know people and figuring where I should be is not always the easiest task. Most people are friendly enough, but I’m terribly shy when it comes to introducing myself to big groups of strangers.

Today I met with Dr. Mike Chen and worked in the OR with him. It was a long day of surgery lasting from 9-1 and then 3-6. We probably did at least 15 surgeries. Eyes are so small and delicate it’s amazing the precision that goes into operating. We saw quite a few kids. I learned it is quite common for them to poke their eyes out playing with sticks. We try our best to do something, and often it takes a couple surgeries and they still loose their vision. It’s sad. The doctor was saying how much money not treating them could save, but how you sort of feel obligated to try. It was a neat experience, but humbling as many of these kids will never see again. But on the other hand, removing cataracts from other patients restores sight which is purely magical.

It was nice to finally get involved with some hands-on stuff, even if just a little today. Each day I meet more people and find more cool things to be a part of. Today I met one of the amazing pediatricians, so starting Monday I will spend next week taking on my own patients on the wards and I am super excited. Wish I had remembered my white coat toys.